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Toothy Pegs - Teething Time

Toothy Pegs - Teething Time

Natural ways to relieve the discomfort of teething

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When first teeth start to break through, it can cause your baby so much discomfort. It can be heartbreaking to see your baby in pain. Those pesky sore gums can make baby irritable and ruin the whole family's sleep for weeks. 

There are natural and safe ways to help your baby through teething time. You can reduce baby's discomfort with organic ingredients known to relieve pain. Chewing on silicone teethers relieves gum pain and helps new teeth to break through.

You can start a routine of daily teeth cleaning even before baby's first teeth emerge. Gentle gum brushes clean the gums of babies who have started solids (Stage 1). A soft nylon brush is ideal once baby has a few teeth (Stage 2). Starting a routine early will set your baby up for a lifetime of healthy teeth and gums.

To relieve discomfort from teething:

  • Waleda Organic Teething Powder 60g for the relief of discomfort and restlessness without the use of harsh toxins
  • Brauer Baby & Child Teething Liquid 100ml includes chamomile and other ingredients traditionally used in homeopathic medicine to help temporarily relieve the pain, discomfort and irritability of teething
  • Cheeky Chompers Dribble Bib with a chewable textured silicone corner to help new teeth break through. 100% soft cotton fabric to keep baby dry. No more dropped teethers because it is attached to the bib
  • Banana Brush Teether is a fun way for babies to get used to the feeling of brushing gums and teeth. The banana peel shaped handles make it easy for little hands to grasp and prevent gagging 

To keep gums and new teeth healthy:

  • Jack N Jill Silicone finger brush Gum Cleaner can be used from before the first teeth break through
  • Jack N Jill First Toothbrush with soft rounded nylon bristles for gentle cleaning. Ergonomic handle made from biodegradable corn starch. Can be used from first tooth onwards
  • Little Innoscents Organic Toothpaste 50ml is a fluoride-free minty gel with no artificial sweeteners

Presented in a Little Minx Signature Cotton Drawstring Bag, ready to give as a thoughtful gift for a family about to go through teething time

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