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Gotta Go - Toilet Training

Toilet Training Survival Kit including the award winning Brolly Sheets

Be prepared for wee accidents during toilet training

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When your child is showing signs of being ready for toilet training, it's a big milestone. Toilet training is an exciting transition because it means your little toddler is becoming a big kid (and coming to the end of changing nappies!).

Toilet training can take anywhere from days to months. Your child will need lots of encouragement and praise to build their confidence along the way.

During the toilet training journey, accidents can happen. Reassuring your child that an accident is no big deal can reduce their embarrassment. Protect their bed with a waterproof mattress protector, so you can clean up a wet bed without fuss. By protecting the car seat and pram with a waterproof seat cover, daytime accidents don’t have to be a drama either.


For protection from accidents:

  • The Brolly Sheet Waterproof Mattress Protector fits over the fitted sheet (single bed size, white in colour). This means you don't have to strip beds overnight and everyone gets back to sleep quickly. Made with a comfortable 100% cotton top, an absorbent middle layer that can hold up to 2 litres, and a waterproof backing.
  • Keep car seats, highchairs and prams dry with the Brolly Sheet Seat Pad. It's absorbent and waterproof, and a lifesaver for little accidents in the car or pram. You can also put the seat pad under wet togs on the way home from the beach or pool (navy blue colour).

To clean up

  • Dr Bronner’s Organic lavender Hand Sanitiser 59ml is handy to keep in your bag to establish hygiene habits  
  • Little Minx Signature Waterproof Drawstring Bag to transport wet or soiled clothing 

To encourage and praise your child’s efforts:

  • Rewards chart and Stickers helps your toddler to feel confident and see their progress
  • Honey Pops (5) are a natural treat to celebrate their successes in toilet training

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