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Busy Boobs - Breastfeeding Survival Kit

Breast Feeding Essentials Care Package - set yourself up for breast feeding success

Set yourself up for breastfeeding success

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Your little miracle will have the best start in life with the nourishment and immunity of your ‘liquid gold’ breast milk. Breastfeeding is the most natural thing in the world, but for many Mums it doesn’t happen easily at first. Many mothers admit that learning to breastfeed can be exhausting and painful. Don’t worry Mama, with the right support, it gets easier.

Your skin absorbs 80% of what you put on it, and there is a risk of transferring toxins to your precious baby through your breast milk. Natural and organic products are safest for mother and baby. This kit includes Australia’s most trusted and loved natural breastfeeding products. 

You want to maximise your milk supply and ensure you're prepared for soreness in the early days. Having the right tools and support helps you to breastfeed as long as you want to. This 4-step solution gives you the resources to breastfeed with confidence.

To maximise milk supply:

  • Angea Organic Medicinal Nursing Tea(30g, approx. 50 cups) specifically tailored Galactagogues to support and increase milk production, boost immunity and ease mastitis symptoms
  • Franjo’s Tanker Toppers Lactation Cookies (252gms/14 Serves) to ‘fill up your tanks’ whilst breastfeeding, and to load you up with good vitamins and minerals - vegan and free from wheat, dairy, egg and refined sugar - Gluten Free available too.

Healing chafed and damaged skin:

  • Kiss Ready Mama Chia Seed Natural Nipple Repair Balm 15g (Lanolin free)
  • Award winning Rite Aid Hydrogel Breast Discs (12 pack) are safe and non-toxic to soothe, restore moisture and repair cracked and sore nipples
  • Little Minx Signature Cool Discs (2) can be used straight out of the fridge to soothe engorged breasts and ease symptoms of mastitis. They can also be used as ice packs to keep bottles chilled when out and about

For Mum’s health and peace of mind:

  • CamelBak Leak Proof Drink Bottlefor single-handed hydration, 600ml
  • Certified Organic Smoothie Bombs is a cleansing mix of antioxidant-rich spirulina and matchahelp tired Mums heal and have energy for their feeding demands. Mix one smoothie bomb with 1 serve of fruit and 1 cup of liquid. Fast to make and easy to drink one-handed

Natural Hygiene and comfort:

  • Kiss Ready Mama Natural Deodorant 30g, safe for breastfeeding Mums
  • Tom organic Nursing Pads (40 pack) are made from pure, organic cotton and are super-soft on sensitive and cracked nipples
  • Organic Cotton Muslin Wrap burp cloth to clean up milky spills
  • Little Minx Signature Cotton Drawstring Bag to keep everything close at hand when you sit down to feed

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