Survival Kits & Care Packages for Key Developmental Milestones (0-5) | Organic, Natural & Ethical
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Here is what some of customers have told us about their Little Minx experience 


"I love that your products are natural, organic and so good for my little ones. Thanks for your super fast service and making my life so much easier"

Elissa, 2016 


"I am never quite sure what to buy for babies and little children. My friend absolutely loved your Pack and I am really pleased to recommend Little Minx. Easy, fast and excellent quality. Thank you"

Sophie, 2016 


"Thanks Little Minx. Your teething pack was a lifesaver for my little boy and for me too! I will be back again shortly to get the next Milestone Pack - your products are a no brainer and have saved me heaps of time and money"

Julia, 2016 


Product Reviews 

Best Parenting Products 

"I love that one store has been set up to provide this exact same service. Little Minx Milestones provides an arsenal of care packages, solution kits, and other vital supplies, making the parenting experience a little bit easier, and they have all been put together based on the reviews of parents".

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