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What all the study in the world can't prepare you for

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My BFF (a Mum of 2) popped in to check on us. She wanted to snuggle with our precious newborn who was about a week old. Scooping our little miracle into her arms, she nuzzled into her neck and whispered “Oh that newborn smell. It makes me feel all clucky again”.

“Why didn’t you tell me it would be like this?” I screamed at her. Up until this point I thought we had an honest and open relationship. We had spent countless hours discussing and disclosing every area of our entire lives. She knew all the skeletons in my closet. We had shared an overpriced flat, no bigger than a postage stamp, in London in our 20’s. It had paper thin walls… enough said.

“I thought you were my friend!” I said with tears rolling down my face. She stepped forward and enveloped me with a huge kind hug. Immediately I sobbed. The kind of ugly crying that makes your face look all red and pinched complete with panda eyes.

With having to offer any further explanation she quite simply knew what I was raving about.

She calmly offered an envelope which she had brought with her. She knew me so well, and she knew exactly how I was feeling. She had been there herself.


This is what the note contained:

“Some things you simply can’t prepare for;

Until you have not slept for many days in a row, you cannot understand sleep deprivation.

Until you are home alone with your newborn, you cannot know the total dependency.

Until you have heard your crying baby, and felt your milk let down, you cannot fathom the biological connection.

Until you have cried together with your baby, you cannot imagine the frustration.

Until you have begged your baby to go sleep, you cannot know the exhaustion.

Until you have cradled your baby to milk drunk baby to sleep, you cannot understand the sense of achievement.

Until your baby stares into your eyes, you cannot grasp the complete and total love. 

Until you have walked in a Mother's shoes, you cannot comprehend how huge the journey is.

Until you have a child, you cannot truly understand what it means to be a Mother.

You've got this Muma"


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