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Everyday Wellness and First Aid

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Despite the very best of parenting, your baby will inevitably be exposed to germs which may cause them to feel unwell. Starting with natural remedies and simple solutions can support their immune system development, and aid in their long term health. 

Please note that this is not intended to be medical advice. It's simply a few simple remedies to assist with the minor ailments in baby children. As the parent you are always the best judge of your baby's health. Always seek the advice of your health practitioner in the event of an escalated temperature, vomiting, or anything that does not resolve in a day or two. Go with your gut instinct and if you are ever in doubt, have your bub checked by a professional.

A great option now available in Australia is the National Doctor at Home Service which is an after hours service (bulk billed) that provides professional GP services, in home. This is particularly useful in avoiding a long wait in the ED, and/or if getting to the Doctor presents a challenge.

Also super handy is Nurse on Call where you can have a discussion with a trained Pediatric Nurse. They can provide professional guidance, suggest next steps and guide you in ways to support your baby's recovery.

As promised here are some Wellness Learnings from the Little Minx Family Forum to help make your life easier.



Baby & Child First Aid

·       Speak to your local Maternal Health Nurse or Health practitioner about a short course in first aid. A few hours can arm you with the most up to date information about how to help your family

Snotty grotty noses and throats

·       Eucalyptus is a great option to help improve breathing caused by congestion. Room sprays, candle melts and chest rubs will aid in the clearing of congestion

·       Apply chest rubs to the back of shoulders to ensure little hands won’t rub it in their eyes

·       Saline solutions help soften nasal build up and clear the nose

Itchy, scratchy or dry skin

·       Use lukewarm bath water, running some raw oats through a stocking to soften the water and add moisture back into the skin

·       After carefully reading the instructions, apply a topical cream to calm the skin

·       Consider if there has been a change in washing detergent, household product or food that may have resulted in the skin reacting

Bumps, bruises and broken skin

·       Always have a dark face washer in your first aid kit – this helps disguise the sight of blood for both the child and the carer

·       Apply an ice pack to reduce swelling and pain from bumps and bites

·       Rinse broken skin and use natural antiseptic spray to reduce the risk of infection

Crusty gunky eyes

·       Rinse eyes with cool chamomile tea

·       Use a wipe, specific for eyes such as ‘Little Eyes” (only use each wipe once to avoid spreading any infection)

·       Wipe carefully from the nose to the outer of the eye carefully avoiding the inner eye lid


Accidents and illnesses do happen, despite the very best of care. Little Minx Care Packages and Survival Kits are on hand to help you be prepared for the inevitable, and lessen the impact on your family, naturally.

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