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The Things You Wish You Knew Before Having Children

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With two young children (Chops aka Charlotte, 4 ½, and William the Tornado, 2), I’ve learnt a lot in the past five years.

With 15 years in the corporate world and an MBA under my belt, I was most surprised to discover that there were a huge amount of things, that I was not prepared, nor qualified for, prior to becoming a parent. Not long after our first child was born, with my birth plan thrown out the window and some fancy stitch work in my undercarriage, I became painfully aware that I had no idea. I was grossly under prepared for the challenges to come.

I didn’t understand that bath and body products that smelt good, weren’t necessarily good for sensitive young children. Same goes with natural products: I had no idea that some unscrupulous companies market their wares as ‘natural’ whilst filling them with petrochemicals and a plethora of numbers and letters, which are on the whole, just plain nasty for young children.

I had no idea all water bottles were not created equal; in fact, a leaking water bottle is one of the most common inconveniences that parents have to deal with!

I hadn’t joined the dots yet to realise those gorgeous stuffed toys, which look super cute, quite literally collect dust for the first 18 to 36 months of a young child’s life. Amongst the many realisations, I could see BC (Before Children) I gave some pretty awful, useless and plainly naff gifts (particularly to my nephews Minx, 7 and Mini, 4 – sorry Sis!).

I also could not have possibly comprehended the amount of rubbish that would be generated by my tiny humans. Without a doubt, every week, all our bins are choc a block full… largely from packaging!

As my children have grown, so too has my knowledge (thank goodness). Over the years I have drawn on professional and personal sources, to narrow down a good, trustworthy set of products that have come to be relied upon in our family. Like most other families, we are busier than ever, but things just seem to flow better and work more efficiently. My children tend to be sick less often, and we all move through the usual ailments a bit quicker. I feel a lot less anxious. I now know what I need, to deal with the everyday challenges posed by our growing kidlets.

What is Little Minx Milestones you might be asking?

With this learning in mind, I came up with the concept of Little Minx Milestones – a set of short-cuts, hacks and products that parents can use to solve common challenges quickly and cost effectively.

It’s a little bit different to your average gift hamper store

  • We have replaced the ‘pretty’ with the ‘practical’
  • We have replaced the ‘packaging’ with the ‘reusable’
  • We have replaced the ‘nice to have’ with the ‘known’

Put simply Little Minx is an online store that makes life easier for parents and people giving gifts to young children; any age, stage and budget.

As it takes a community to raise a child, it also takes a community to build a really useful online store. We’ve worked with hundreds of families and professionals, as well as, having completed extensive secondary research, to create a store full of the most helpful products that quite simply work.

At Little Minx we’ve bundled the things that work, for each developmental and life stage, to provide a really effective ‘go-to’ set of resources. Each of our packs has a succinct information card, with handy, tried, tested and useful ways to deal with the challenges at hand. We’ve experienced, through trial and error, a huge variety of products and solutions and have narrowed them down, to the best in each category. We’ve cut out the need to traipse around shopping centres and supermarkets, by providing quick and trustworthy packages that are both useful and practical.

Parenting isn’t easy, in fact at times it can be really hard. At Little Minx our goal is to remove some of the challenges, to make life a little bit easier. We’ve done the hard work, so you don’t have to.

We look forward to helping you soon.

Much love


Problem Solver – Mum – Founder


P.S. As is my nature, I was so efficient that I got the whole ‘baby blues’ thing, out of the way… before my first baby was even born. It’s called Ante-Natal Depression and it’s a little less common than Post Natal Depression. I received brilliant support from PANDA, the Perinatal Anxiety & Depression Australia Support Service; and hence we have chosen them as our primary Community Cause to support. We are also including some information regarding their services, in our packs, so that anyone who may need some extra support, like I did, is able to access it easily.

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