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The $750 Children's Drink Bottle

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As I stood at the airport and waved goodbye to my husband and 18 month old daughter, a sense of disbelief began to sink in. This was definitely not the plan for today. This unexpected farewell, was due to unfortunate events arising from a leaking water bottle and my passport, which had now been rendered invalid by a very understanding but rule abiding airline clerk.

As a diligent Mum, I’d packed the offending water bottle to ensure our daughter stayed hydrated on the trip. What I hadn’t planned for, was that most of its contents would escape into my trusty travel bag on our way to the airport. 48 hours later, with over $750 in extra costs due to lost flights and a replacement passport, I was finally able to join my gorgeous family and our friends in sunny Fiji for what was left of our holiday.

Thus began my quest for the ‘leak proof drink bottle’. I quickly learnt that when it comes to children’s products, not all of them live up to their claims. I have over three dozen children’s drink bottles in all different shapes and sizes, which somehow, all eventually allow water to escape. Some slowly, some once they have been in the dishwasher, some immediately upon first use.

At Little Minx, our range enables you to reduce the cost and complexity of parenting by selecting from our tried, tested and loved range of products. We’ve done the hard work for you, so that you can be assured that our products work effectively and deliver as they promise. We have surveyed over 300 families, to provide you with the very best available in the market, for each milestone, event and season.

Drink Bottles

It is important to us that you feel confident in your Little Minx purchases. No longer do you need to traverse the busy shopping centres, search multiple locations or navigate the internet for your needs; it’s all here in the one place, only one shipping cost away from your door.

Consider to the environmental impact of the mass produced goods you've tested and discarded over the years. We believe buying good quality, tried and tested products ultimately reduces our contribution to landfill. At Little Minx we work hard to support Fair Trade, Ethical and Sustainability focused suppliers, who like us are in it for the long haul. 

As the old adage goes; you usually do get what you pay for. Each of our Water Bottles and Drinking cups have been extensively tested in our home over the past 3 years, and also by the dedicated Little Minx Family Forum. You can be assured that if it stands up to the Tornado Test (our Chief Product Tester William, 2 years), it will work for you too. 

Check out our range of ‘No Leak’ drink vessels, included in our age appropriate, tried and tested Care Packages and Survival Kits - quite simply stuff that works. 

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