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Surviving Teething

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Babies don’t come with an instruction manual and sometimes it’s hard to pinpoint exactly what’s wrong. There is also a huge amount of information online (much of it conflicting) and innumerable products available that claim to be of help. Our Toothy Pegs Care Package is designed to be your natural ‘go to’ for help with the woes of teething. It is based on real insights and experiences from our Family Forum, using tried and tested natural products and methods.

If your Little Minx is teething, they may:

  • have red swollen gums
  • chew or gnaw at their gums (and anything else they can get hold of!)
  • rub their cheeks and pull their ears
  • be irritable and have more restless sleep
  • show less interest in their milk and/or food
  • have very red cheeks (one or both)

Soothing Options for Teething

From the Family                

  • Use a handkerchief bib to keep chins and chests dry from excess drool
  • Spend some time outdoors in a pram or just sitting in the garden
  • Lots of cuddles, and comfort breast feeding if that is an option
  • Apply firm pressure using a clean finger onto the gum where the tooth is coming through
  • Freeze a rolled up clean face washer for bub to chew on
  • Apply cold or ice to the area, e.g. frozen boiled carrots, or cold cucumbers for chewing on. Wrap frozen things in a dry face washer to keep little hands warm.

Products and Solutions

You can freeze chamomile tea in mesh teethers, offer a few sips of cooled tea on a spoon, or rub a chamomile tea-dipped finger onto your baby’s gums (always us Caffeine Free Tea that has been completely cooled).

The Little Minx Family Forum recommends natural and homeopathic topical treatments including Weleda Teething Powder, and Brauer Baby and Child Teething Relief Liquid.      

Baltic Amber jewellery, worn as a necklace, bracelet or anklet, is an old teething remedy. Parents who like it say that Baltic Amber contains succinic acid which, when the amber is warmed against the body, is released into the skin and helps relieve teething pain. Look for beads which are individually knotted and always remove before sleep.

Teething may cause slightly loose bowel motions, but it’s important to know, that teething does not cause diarrhoea. Always see your healthcare professional if your baby has diarrhoea. If their bottom is sore, we recommend Badger Zinc Oxide Diaper Cream, which is super effective and kind to little bottoms.

If you can, ask family members and friends for help look after bub, so that you can look after yourself too. Make sure you get some extra rest and time out during the day, especially if you are not getting a good night's sleep. If this isn’t an option at least try to get some horizontal rest with your feet-up – all those chores will still be there when you are on the other side of those pesky little teeth.

If you are concerned in any way about your baby’s health, please always talk to your healthcare professional. Be sure to read all packaging carefully before using any product, and try it on yourself first, for taste, scent and reaction to your skin type.

To make your life easier we’ve bundled our ‘Best of our Teething Solutions’: 

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Remember – you are doing a great job, and this too shall pass!

Much love

Team Little Minx


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  • Zoe on

    We have the baby banana brush from Little Minx and my (very soon to be teething) 6 month old LOVES it. The banana peel shaped handles are easy for his little hands to hold. The banana brush got 30 minutes of silence out of him this week; while I was cooking dinner he happily chewed on it and had a wonderful time.

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