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Sometimes you've got to give up something to move forward

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Through luck and chance I met Dr Amanda Waaldyk.  She is brave, intelligent, kind and a high achiever. We shared breakfast this morning and I was engaged by her warmth and generosity. Before seeing an Instagram post for an event which she was speaking at, I’d never even heard of her. That’s not a bad thing given her special skill is supporting women with Fertility challenges and as Amanda describes ‘facilitating baby making’. My conception journey did not require such intervention or support, so we had not crossed paths until now. 

At the event Amanda shared her own journey with a silent and awestruck audience of 50+ women from Melbourne’s Wellness Community. With a self-proclaimed absolute fear of public speaking Amanda bared her soul with immense integrity, honesty and raw authenticity. Her road to success had been paved with heartache, but resilience, determination and self-belief resulted in her creating a life that is to be aspired to. But above all, inspiration also comes from her ability to consistently let things go to move forward.   


Amanda Waaldyt


By crafting a career and life that intertwines her love for family, Yoga and Eastern Medicine, she has found both health and happiness.  Opening her very own clinic, Angea Accupuncture and Yoga, she also opened her heart to a client who would later become the love of her life and Father to her own beautiful babies.

What did Amanda give up to move forward? She let go of a relationship that was toxic, and began to care for herself in a holistic way. Healing her body and heart with good food, mindfulness and a new way of life. She transitioned from Western Nursing to becoming a Doctor of Chinese Medicine. The Yoga studio she had created was dividing her attention, so she let go of that too. And soon a residency in another studio allowed her to continue her passion without the strings attached.


"My own conception journey has endured a blighted ovum at nine weeks and a miscarriage at six weeks. I’ve been in the depths of despair and felt the lowest of lows. Now, I look back at all the challenges that were presented to me in life and see them as opportunities for growth which I can now share with other women just like you. I can relate to you, connect and support you on your own journey. My dream for you is to get you over the line, no matter what that takes".


I’m really excited to have opportunity to collaborate with Amanda. Her latest achievement includes a range of Organic Medicinal Wellness Teas which soothe the body and the mind. They are a perfect fit for Little Minx and you’ll see them here soon.



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Today, I also gave up something to move forward. It was simple but significant for me. I took store bought Lamingtons to the kinder afternoon tea. Kind of silly of me to make a point of it really in the same vein as two such great achievers, however, it signified a turning point for me. Last week’s muffins of organic quinoa and banana were an epic fail, scorned by parents and kids alike. I thought that by making them, I was making up for not being able to attend. As though I still could be considered a good Mum by my act of baking.

Quentin Bryce says “You can have it all, just not at the same time”. By the act of giving up, we are moving forward in a way that is significant and life changing. Small but important increments. My tide has turned and I open my arms wide towards a new and liberated future.


P.S The lamingtons were a smash hit!


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