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Product Review by The Baby Vine 


Parenting is hard enough without the constant search for the best products out there that will help with your child’s development. Our market is saturated with hundreds and thousands of baby products, all claiming to be the best and to solve all your worries. When it came down to it, as I first-time mum I have found myself consulting friends and family who have been through it before, to find what they are using and what works for them.

 This support network I have around me is amazing. From finding the perfect sippy cup for my daughter to the best nappy brand and wipes, all my decisions were made based on the reviews of other mums and their experiences – and of course a little trial and error. I love that one store has been set up to provide this exact same service. Little Minx Milestones provides an arsenal of care packages, solution kits, and other vital supplies, making the parenting experience a little bit easier, and they have all been put together based on the reviews of parents.

Little Minx Milestones was founded by Vicky Mann, a mother of two located on the North side of Melbourne’s CBD. It stemmed from her own personal experience and challenges finding natural, proven and effective solutions to support her young family. Vicky is passionate about sustainability, choosing to work only with fair trade, organic, natural and ethical suppliers. Essentially, they only stock tried and tested products that actually work.

By surveying hundreds of families, teachers, childcare educators, nannies, paediatric doctors and maternal health nurses and combining these survey outcomes with award-winning products and those preferred by Choice Australia, Little Minx Milestones has put together a range of fit-for-purpose packages. These include the ‘Gotta Go’ Toilet Training Survival Kit, which is an all-inclusive set designed to make the early messy months breeze by. The Care Package is fully equipped with sheet protectors, car seat protectors, a training guide, reward treats and stickers, hand sanitiser, and a tidy waterproof bag.

Ease of use is also important, and Little Minx Milestones has a focus on making parenting as simple as possible by providing practical and useful support. You can search by age ranges, or more general categories. Their care packages include new baby gifts, new mum gifts, brother/sister gifts, second baby gifts, birthday gifts and wellness and first aid. This means whether you are shopping for yourself or for a new little loved one, you can find everything you need in one place for all your parenting needs. Their survival kits include all the essentials from teething, toilet training, starting solids and sleep aids, to starting childcare. They also have a book corner for your budding readers, including Australia classics, NY Times Bestsellers and hard to find books. Little Minx Milestones also provides an arsenal of individual items, ranging from no-leak drink bottles to bibs, and natural and homeopathic wellness products.

Find the products you are after that have been reviewed by mums for mums, making your lives just that little bit easier.

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