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As Mums we sometimes learn the hard way

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Jessie Swan is an ordinary Mum. Like most of us, she works tirelessly to create a safe and loving home for her two beautiful boys. Last month however, Jessie came into the spotlight after her son 3-month-old son Tommy suffered a severe allergic reaction to sunscreen.

Jessie did what so many of us Mums do. Whilst camping she placed her small son in the shade to get some fresh air. Tommy was protected from the direct sun but she wanted to be certain he would be safe. Jessie applied sunscreen to both her boys and they set about enjoying their afternoon. Hours later they were in hospital.

To prevent the possibility of pain and suffering for other children, Jess shared her experience online.

Jessie Swan Cancer Council Allergic Reaction

What happened next was an avalanche of comments (Over 8000 Shares and 4000 Comments). Many people threw their support behind Jessie and sent their love for a speedy recovery for Tommy. Jessie also received a barrage of passive aggressive (and some outright abusive) comments on social media.

Constance Hall, the Queen Loving Blogger with over 1million followers, often talks about the way we fail to support each other. She professes that kindness, honesty and integrity must be at the heart of interactions with each other. That no-one is perfect or without fault, but we must accept that innately we are all trying to do our best.

Constance wrote earlier this week:

“We discredit victims to avoid empathising with them.

Victim blaming doesn't just accuse the innocent, it forces innocent people at their most vulnerable to defend themselves, creating a deeply more traumatic result on their lives.

Bad things really do happen to good people”

Constance Hall 'Like a Queen'

To all of the perfect parents who questioned Jessie’s rationale, let’s be honest here. How many parents actually patch test every new product on their children every time? When it comes to the second child we often have less time and less caution, especially when you have used something successfully with your first.

In talking with Jessie, she says unfortunately she learnt the hard way.

“My only advice is to stick to the most basic product and know what goes into the sunscreens, or anything you put on your own, or your children’s skin. And of course, always patch test”.

Jessie also questions how the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration determines what constitutes a ‘safe ingredient’;

“I've moved to the 'if you can't eat it, don't put it on your skin' mindset after a lot of research about all these TGA approved chemicals. It's incredible what they're allowed to use in Australia” 

Many organisations with Natural and Organic product ranges have reached out to Jessie. “I've been sent a few more samples I haven't tried yet, but I'll get there. Only downside is it's a bit expensive”. 


Due to the big disruption in their family routine I sent Jessie some of my favourite products including the 100% Certified Organic Badger Sleep Balm. I was so happy to hear this was helpful for the family, Jessie told me “I love the Night Night balm, it smells so good. Seems to work well and gets my son off to sleep nicely”.


At Little Minx HQ our range includes only the safest natural ingredients. Our products are those we trust for our own families, and are endorsed by professional practitioners in the field of natural medicine. Our pricing is on or below the recommended retail price, because we work hard to provide great value for our customers. Making life easier for families is our mission.

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