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“How to avoid the pitfalls of Mumma Perfection and actually get stuff done”

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Erika Gilbert talks about the advice her Mum gave her. She discusses how her pursuit of perfection has been given a reality check since becoming a Mum herself. 


Let's take a moment to ask three simple questions:

  1. Are you prone to being a people-pleaser, and put your hand up too often?
  1. Do you regularly procrastinate?
  1. Would you consider yourself an ‘all or nothing’ person?

If you answered ‘Yes’ to two or more of these questions, Perfectionism might be getting in your way!

Most people have some form of Perfectionism. We’re taught from an early age that success = 100%.

Our parents have taught us if we start something, we must do it properly.

"If you're going to do it, do it right" ~ My Mum

Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with aiming for the stars. In fact, it’s a wonderful trait!

The problem arises when you believe you won’t reach those stars, so you don’t even try. OR you put it off until you have everything right before you start... never actually reaching the starting point.

There are endless examples, especially when looking at your finances and household management.

Are you putting off starting because you're not across all of your expenses? Are you putting off starting because you have a couple of different debts, and you think you should get on top of them before you start? Do feel you need to get your tax return/s done first?

Consider this: "You have to start somewhere"

Why put off planning your finances (which is how you organise to pay back your debts), because you want to first pay back your debts? 

A bit like cleaning up your house before a cleaner arrives...

If you felt a small weight lift from your shoulders reading that, you'll love these simple steps to really help you get control of Perfectionism.

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How to make stuff happen

  1. Give yourself a deadline, after that it's "ready or not!"

Draw a line in the sand and, when the time comes, you get started. Rain, hail or shine. Actually starting is often the biggest hurdle (and the most satisfying to overcome!)

  1. Remind yourself that forward is still forward.

Don’t look back and think about what you ‘should have’ done. There is no room for guilt or regret.

Has guilt ever served you in the past? Nope. Forward is forward, regardless the size of each step.

  1. Your goals are not the difference between success and failure. Use goals as guides.

Big goals can be intimidating, and rightly so. Smaller steps are more flexible when life throws its inevitable curve-balls (eg. teething baby, ill health, sleep deprivation… the usual). Instead, use your overall goals as a guide to keep you focused. 

  1. Take one step at a time and don't hold off congratulating yourself until the end. Each step you reach is its own achievement.

Apply the same level of kindness to yourself that you would to a child learning to walk. Baby steps collectively amount to incremental moves forward. But most importantly, congratulate yourself as you go. You deserve it.

"Progress not perfection” ~ Erika Gilbert


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Erika is a Mum of a beautiful Little Minx, works Part Time and runs her own small business ‘The Income Organisers’. Erika coaches people through practical support and life changing strategies to achieve financial freedom. She's like personal trainer for your day to day finances!


Erika Gilbert - Director | Head Income Organiser

The Income Organisers

P: 1300 TIO 000 (1300 846 000) | E:

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