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Grub’s Up - Introducing first solid foods

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Starting on solids can be an exciting and nerve racking time for families, usually when bub is 3-6 months old. Sometimes it can feel like you are chained to the kitchen in a never ending cycle of cooking and cleaning. Remember, this too shall pass and in no time your little one will be eating meals like the rest of the family.

Products for First Solids


Having lots of pre-made options can help you through this period. I've heard many Mums say that it can take up to ten attempts to get a little one to like a particular kind of food. Hence perseverance is key at this stage. Little Minx recommends these tried and tested hacks to help you through those first months of introducing solids.

Cook in bulk and freeze

·       Create lots of options for fussy new eaters by cooking purees in bulk and freezing them

·       Break frozen foods into single serve portions, making it easier for yourself, by having lots of options on hand when you need them

Clean up

·       Use a long sleeved bib to minimise impact on clothing and reduce your washing

·       Light face washers lessen the cost and environmental impact of using wipes for clean-up

·       Place a large square of waterproof material under the highchair to catch the inevitable spills

·       Use a plastic high chair without padding. Those with lots of padding are really hard to clean, and plastic can be taken outside and cleaned with a hose when required

Out and about

·       Take twice the food you need when heading out. This gives you options when food is rejected or spilt

·       Most cafes and restaurants do scrambled eggs and some kind of bread option. When your child reaches this stage, ask for it cooked without salt and pepper, and don’t forget that sides can also be great kid friendly options

·       Take your own water and bottle, or buy bottled water whenever you can  

Essential Parenting Supplies

At Little Minx I have a great collection of items which WILL make your life easier, especially for this stage. 

Check out our store for these must have's:


Check-out Annabel Karmel's Award winning book on how to introduce solids, and make life easier for all involved 


How to know when to start?

Signs that it’s time for introducing solids

When your baby is ready, at around six months, but not before four months, start to introduce a variety of solid foods, starting with iron rich foods, while continuing breast or bottle feeding.

Your baby’s development and behaviour will guide you when you’re trying to work out when to start introducing solids.

Signs your baby is ready for solids include when your baby:

  • has good head and neck control and can sit upright when supported
  • shows an interest in food – for example, looking at what’s on your plate
  • reaches out for your food
  • opens her mouth when you offer her food on a spoon.

These signs happen at different times for different babies, but most babies will show signs at 4-6 month

For more information on this subject have a look at Raising Children

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