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Important Things Parents Need To Know About Sick Kids

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Much to my Mothers dismay, I’m the kind of parent that doesn’t run to the Doctors at the first sign of sniffle or cough. I believe that children need to build up their immunity; in the first six months at Childcare and School this happens a-lot! 

What you need to know about Sick Kids

  1. They almost always bounce back quickly. A baby or a child who is unwell in the morning, might be good as gold in the afternoon. When they are lethargic and it lingers for more than a day or so, this is a sign you might need to seek treatment from a Doctor.  
  2. Fever is a sign something is going on, that you need to keep an eye on. Fever is when the temperature of the body rises to above 38°C. A high fever does not necessarily mean a serious illness. The fever seen in common childhood infections is not harmful, and in fact it helps the body's immune system fight off the infection.
  3. Bacterial and Viral infections are different. Fever is often caused by a virus and sometimes by bacteria. Viral infections are far more common and do not need antibiotics. Antibiotics do not cure viruses. Only bacterial infections are treated with antibiotics, whilst for Viral Infection you should increase fluids, provide pain relief and rest.

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When to see a Doctor

No one knows your child better than you. This makes your intuition and gut instinct strong when it comes to your child’s health. My son William is a pretty robust kid, and always on the go. A few months back I got 'the call' from Childcare because he had a fever. When I didn’t pass after several doses of pain relief and he remained lethargic I was worried. It got worse during the late evening so I called the ‘House Call Doctor’ service.

My instinct was his situation wasn’t an emergency, and didn’t warrant a trip to the ED, but I didn’t feel comfortable leaving it until the morning when our GP was open again.  As I had another child sleeping, I called our local Dr At Home service. I didn’t have to take the kids out in the cold evening, and I could keep my little boy calm in our home environment. The GP came to our home in a few hours and was able to give him immediate relief, and provide us with a script for Antibiotics - bulk billed.

Home visits are for when there is an urgent need for medical care and your regular GP is unavailable in the after-hours period. This includes evenings, night time, weekends and public holidays.It makes health care accessible, affordable and reduces congestion in our Emergency Departments

Right now the Medical Community are seeking support for their Campaign to prevent proposed Federal Governments cuts to the service . I strongly encourage you to Join the Campaign to keep this vital service in place.

Natural options for Wellness

Naturopathy is based on the principle that the body has an inherent self-healing ability. Combining nature‘s healing power and gentle therapeutic techniques, the body mind and emotions are supported through the healing process. It is my preference to use naturally derived Wellness and First Aid solutions for my family. These provide great options for the everyday range of ailments our children experience, and can provide comfort in the case of Viral Infection. If you want to enjoy the benefits of natural wellness, and reduce the occurrence of Doctor's visits for your family, please visit the Little Minx Wellness Range  Natural-wellness-for-baby-and-childrennatural-wellness


As Cyclone Debbie continues to impact communities throughout Queensland, House Call Doctors will stay on the road providing urgent after-hours care to patients in need.
Please find our urgent Media Alert attached, which details how families in Queensland can access House Call Doctors if their regular GPs are closed, in medical situations that do not warrant an Emergency response.


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