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5 Reasons to Love Claire Bowditch

claire bowditch mum music queen

QuuensSassy, beautiful, and gifted, Claire Bowditch is a Mum of three who knows how to rock it out. She is undoubtedly a Queen in her own right, having a hugely successful career in music, media and social enterprise. 

Here's 5 reason's why I think Claire is super cool:

1. She makes things happen

Big Hearted Business was founded by Clare in 2013 with enormous support from family, friends, colleagues, and the 305 people who turned “the BHB idea” into one of the most successful crowd-funding campaigns in Australian history. It exists to teach creative people about business, and business people about creativity, in ways that make sense.

BHB centres around the, the website which houses a collection of “Inspiration Bombs” (film and sound collaborations between artists, thinkers and teachers).


2. She keeps it real

Claire has a huge sense of social justice, but is clear on the need for creative people to earn an income. Her approach is centred around fulfilling one's creative needs, whilst generating a business that is socially, ethically and economically viable.

BHB runs an annual Business (un-) Conference for creative people who don't like business conferences, but want to learn how to make their living doing the thing they love.

3. Her music is a gift

I dare you not to fall in love with her Music! It’s a mix of gutsy, soulful, elegance and uber cool. Claire’s “You Make me Happy” featured of ‘Offspring’ and is one of the most acclaimed love songs of recent times - and on high rotation on my iPod!! 

I never said that I was easy
Always pushing for the best
Well that's just because i believe
I believe in you baby
And this i must confess

You make me happy



 And she hangs out with Eddy Perfect too!

4. Her own unique sense of style 

Amidst a sea of black (she is based in Melbourne), Claire rocks a wardrobe of eclectic and sassy brights and prints that rival Jenny Kee. A true Melbourne Northside girl, her range includes vintage, rockabilly and folksy numbers that she carries of with elegance and confidence. 

Claire is iconic, fun and fabulous in a way that she totally owns. 

5. She is carving out new pathways

As a Mum, I have no doubt that Claire could also include juggling as a skill on her CV. She has a variety of roles in the Media that she combines with her work at BHB, as well as her music commitments. 

I don't imagine her busy schedule is easy, but her ability to combine her passion and skills across a number of fields leave me a little wistful. Claire is carving out a new way of working and living that I aspire too. More holistically pairing the paid and the passion in the way only an exceptional few are able to do. All the while she actively supports others to achieve their goals and turn their passions into a living.


Claire Bowditch = One Cool Lady! 


Little Minx is celebrating Queens who support Queens all this week (and always, really). Motherhood is such a huge journey, and our collective support for each other is essential for creating a beautiful future for us all. 
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