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Five essential breast feeding hacks to save your sanity

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Along with the beautiful bond of breast feeding, comes a whole range of new things to learn. It's a complex time and it's not always as easy as you might have thought. For a lucky few it's painless and straight forward, but for the rest of us there are many hurdles to overcome to breast feed successfully. 

From our dedicated Mamma forum, these are our best ideas to help get you on your way: 


How it works 


Drink, drink and drink! Breast feeding can be dehydrating for Mums. To keep your supply up and to stay well, you require at least twice the water you would normally have.

Carb Cravings

Similarly, you’ll find yourself more hungry than usual, and seeking things you might not normally have. Have a good breakfast of natural oats, yoghurt and fruit to start off your day.

Snack throughout the day, by keeping good natural options at hand (that you can eat with one hand). Fruit, nuts and muesli slice will help keep your energy up and keep you well. 

Foods with Impact

There are a long list of foods that can (and may not) impact your breast fed baby. The recommendations vary widely, depending on the source of the information, and you may just need to use your own judgement and see what works for you and bubs.

Generally, anything that might make you feel gaseous or is very strong in flavour, should be avoided.

Some common examples which impact some people include; beans, peas, cabbage, banana, onion and garlic.

Breast Care

Keep a close eye on any sensitive spots or lumps. If you feel tender, feed a little or express to relieve the pressure.

Take a hot shower and massage any lumps out to help move them along. Wear a soft bra without underwire or singlet to avoid pain and rubbing.

If sensitivity persists (2-4 hours), seek urgent advice from your health care practitioner to avoid the complications of Mastitis.

Body Care

When breast feeding, many women perspire more than they usually would. You might find you need to shower a little extra and use extra of your preferred antiperspirant.

If you usually wear perfume or body spray, consider using a natural alternative, as anything sprayed on your neck or chest will transfer to your bub when feeding.


With all of this in mind we've created for you a Busy Boobs Breast Feeding Survival Kit. Everything in this kit is 100% naturally derived and Breast Feeding Safe. Its designed to make your life easier and provide you with great natural products that support your journey of liquid gold production.

We've got you sorted Mamma! 



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