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Being Brave about the First Day: What Mums need to know to make it easier

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So I am starting to freak out. The anxiety is beginning to take over me and it’s haunting me in my dreams. I had a nightmare. It was the first morning of school. I hadn’t hemmed up the uniforms, I hadn’t packed the lunch box, I hadn’t got anyone dressed. And the house was flooding. My hands were going like that lady in that old ‘Spray and Wipe Commercial’, frantically trying to stem the water pouring in. I couldn’t breathe. We were late for school.

Our baby girl, our tiny kind and clever girl is starting school tomorrow. She’s just turned five and flourished in the year just gone at Kinder. She is more than ready. In fact these last few weeks she has been unsettled and frustrated (and a bit of hard work). The thing playing on my mind is that I know it will take her a while to feel comfortable in her new environment. She’s a shy kid, usually taking a while to warm up to new situations, to new people.

The questions keep running through my mind.

  • How am I going to let her go on that first day, and what if she is sad or scared?
  • Will she make friends and will she enjoy being there?
  • Will she feel brave enough to ask questions of her teacher if she doesn’t understand something?

Sort it out Sister! 

 One of us has to put on our big girl undies and get this under control. And that has to be me. I’m the Muma right, and my anxiety will hold her back if I don’t get it under control.

My beautiful Step-Sister Lisa suggests the following for dealing with the first day of school.

  1. Keep busy in the lead up – clean out cupboards, get rid of old clothes, weed the garden, pluck your eyebrows. Do whatever makes you feel under control.
  2. Ensure everyone gets a good night’s sleep in the day’s leading up to D Day.
  3. Do some cooking for the freezer to have some lunch box treats ready for the weeks ahead.
  4. Make up the lunchbox the night before together. Talk about what they would like to include so there is familiarity and comfort on the day.
  5. Pack their bag, and lay out their clothes and shoes the night before.
  6. Discuss the routine for School Mornings (get your ‘Good Morning Routine’ downloadable here)
  7. Organise lunch with your friends on the ‘first day’. Wine will help.
  8. Chat about who your child can talk to if they need help at school – a friend, their teacher etc.
  9. Draw a heart on their hand for the first day. Let them know you will be thinking of them, and there to pick them up when the day is done (draw one on your own hand too if it helps).
  10. Plan something nice to do together at finish of the first day

Deep breathe.

You’ve got this Muma.


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  • EMily on

    We are in Queensland and our girls just had their first day prep on Tuesday, I did not sleep for days. they end up going off really well, but this morning Sophia said she didn’t have any friends, it breaks my heart!

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