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5 MUST HAVE AND FAILSAFE Christmas Recipes

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Whether you are baking for a celebration, creating homemade gifts, or cooking for the love of it, then you need to check out these recipes. I can hand-on-heart swear that they are simple to make and are predictably great tasting. 

1. Gingerbread Men 

Recipe as seen on I have used this one more the past 5 years and its super easier to make with the kids too. DO NOT however skip the step to refrigerate the mixture, or you may find yourself with Michelin Men!

2.  Rocky Road 

Simple but highly effective, Lisa's recipe for Rocky Road is a hands down winner - its perfect as a gift, and always flies of the plate when I take it to events and celebrations.

The steps and ingredients are:

- Line a baking tray with grease proof paper

- Place into a mixing bowl 1 packet of Marshmallows, and 1 packet of your favourite lollies. I often use snakes, but it also works well with pistachios, dried fruit such a cranberry, rice bubbles and/or honey comb 

- Melt one block of good quality chocolate and place over the Marshmallow etc in the mixing bowl, stirring quickly so all the contents are covered in chocolate 

- Place contents on baking tray evenly as possible and refrigerate

- This will last for 4-5 days (if you can resist!)  

3. White Christmas

Recipe as provided by Kelloggs with modifications - I swap out the Cherries for Pistachios and Cranberries. It does make it a little bit tart but its counterbalanced by the White Chocolate. This is another great one to make with kids too, and it last for over a week. 

4. Reindeer Cinnamon Buns

Recipe as provided by Modern Parenting. A little time consuming but totally worth it 

5. Chocolate Spiders 

This one my sister has perfected over many years. The recipe can be found on the side of Changs Noodles. For those with Nut Allergies you can simply use half the amount of regular butter.

Add variety by creating different versions with almost anything you enjoy 

- White Chocolate

- Peppermint Crisp

- Christmas Coloured Sprinkles

- Turkish Delight


Happy cooking lovely ones! Drop into the store if you need some last minute gifts. I've included some beautiful Christmas Care Packages for Mums and Young Children under $42, and there is loads of Gifts in our under $50 selection.


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