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What every family needs to know about Childcare

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I wore it like a badge of honour. Chops, (aka Charlie Chops) my 12 month old daughter had had ‘no antibiotics’ before she went to child care. Wrapped in a beautiful immunity bubble for her first year, whilst I was on Mat leave, we enjoyed our time relatively illness free. I espoused the benefits of my natural home cleaning regime, coupled with our love of fresh air, sunshine and the outdoors…

…. and then she started child care … Coughs, colds, trans-seasonal snot, itchy scratchies and gunky eyes aplenty.

All of my best intentions in our early days, had in fact, deprived her of the one thing she really needed; exposure to germs. Germs that come from a collective of other kids, and that are required to build up resilience in their little immune systems. I came to learn that this ‘Rite of Passage’ is quite simply just the way it goes when you take that step from inside home care, to the big world of child care.

Along the way, there were a few things I discovered, which I hope may help lessen the challenges of these first few months for you.

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Childcare Transition Hacks

  • Multivitamins and probiotics: a good all-rounder will aid their general health, and is helpful for growing little tummies and immature digestive systems. Parents should also consider them, as germs tend to have a domino effect in a household.
  • A good bath soak – there is a special kind of smell that kids return home with from child care. Exclusively designed for Little Minx, our Grubby Bubby Bath soak, is a healing blend of oatmeal, goat’s milk, chamomile and lavender to soothe busy little bodies.
  • Old clothes and plenty of spares – save your good clothes for going out. Ensure you have several sets of spares in their bag, and a waterproof bag for returning the wet one’s home.
  • Fabric Pen - labeling everything is your best chance of getting clothing and shoes returned to you. A pen works well on uneven surfaces and is less labour intensive than iron-on labels. 
  • Immunity support – we recommend Brauer’s Homeopathic Immunity (from 6 months) to aid wellness and help little ones move through those inevitable bugs quicker.
  • Back-up plan – at some point you will get the dreaded “please come and collect” call. Sometimes, you may even be quarantined for multiple days and require a Doctor’s clearance to return to your centre. Think about who can assist you, what work you can do from home and/or a paid sitter or friend who might be happy to help in these situations.

To make your life easier we’ve bundled our ‘Best of our Child Care’ Hacks  - check out our Survival Kit.

On the flip side is an amazing opportunity for your child to socialise, build relationships and learn from their dedicated professional educators. Did you know that Pluto is officially called a Dwarf Planet? We had no idea until Chops (4) informed us over dinner last night. Thanks goodness for Google, we may have a chance at keeping up with her learning acquired at Childcare. 

P.S Number two child fared much better. His exposure to his sister in his early days made for a much easier transition into care – thank goodness!!

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